Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 16: Holding steady

Today was a largely uneventful day. Yay! I increased Ellie's sauerkraut from 3 drops per bowl to 4 with no ill effects. I was hit with an unexpected wave of die-off nausea late this afternoon, but she seems to be doing fine. I am wiped out from a really challenging week and am looking forward to a four-day "staycation" we are having starting now! I'm off to put on some jammies and watch a movie. Tomorrow (if we're feeling bold) we will trial soft-boiled eggs.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad she's doing well with the dropper. You inspired me to start egg yolks with the dropper for Katie. Just a word of caution (from recent experience), you may want to give Ellie three days before you add the eggs or increase the kraut dosage. For some reason, it seems to hit most of us two or three days after we do something...though it's SO HARD to wait with all of the restrictions these little ones have! I'm so worried about malnourishment and the ever-increasing food restrictions.

  2. I know Jennifer - it is really easy to get bogged down with worry with all these restrictions. I just tell myself that everything she is eating is more nutrient dense than all the kids we see eating cookies and drinking juice. Let me know how the dropper method works with the yolk!