Monday, October 31, 2011

Will wean for raw brownies

Ellie's been weaned for 9 days now and I have to admit that many of the foods I've added back into my diet since then have not been that thrilling. Eggs are very nutritious, thrifty and convenient, but not exciting. Potatoes are dense and filling and comforting, but not swoon-worthy. It wasn't until yesterday that I ate something that made me say "Yessss, this was worth weaning for." 

And that thing, not surprisingly, was chocolate. Raw brownies, to be specific. Our nutritionist posted a link to this raw brownie recipe on her Facebook page. If you "like" Replenish PDX on Facebook you will find the best recipes ever - I don't know how Andrea finds all this fantastic stuff on the Web.

So in honor of Halloween, which I spent last year wistfully drooling over bags of candy I couldn't eat, I will share with you what I'll be munching on for this sweet holiday! They take about 2 minutes to make from start to finish, they're GAPS-legal (ironically) and they are divine!

No Bake Brownies from


  1. Ha, well up on raw food, try avocado choc mousse. If you can't find a recipe i'll send you a link, yum, yum, bloody yum. Do you have a dehydrator? They are great, Excalibur are the best, 9 tray. You will have lots more fun and not feel guilty because it's raw. You can have lots of variations of flax crackers in the dehydrator.

    The journeys we travel for our allergic kids eh! But at least we meet some very interesting and like-minded people!

  2. I haven't tried the avocado chocolate mousse yet. I *just* added cacao back into my diet. Sounds delish! I'd love a recipe link if you have a chance.

    I do have an Excalibur and yes it's great. We bought it to make yogurt but are now using it for crackers and drying soaked nuts.

    It is amazing where these kids will take us if we let them!