Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Breakfast of champions

Day 62

We have completely changed our breakfast routine and I am loving it, so I thought I'd share. I reported previously that our attempts at juicing were big failures. But I've learned a thing or two about juicing since then. Like carrot juice is a terrible idea for people who are not tolerating sugar well. So we've switched to "green" juice. Another thing I learned is that even green juice can be a shock to the system, so it's good to combine it with healthy fats in the form of a green smoothie.

We had been eating a lot of meat for breakfast and I think it was just too heavy for Ellie's system. I feel so much more energetic now that we are starting the day with these smoothies. The concept of a green smoothie comes from the Body Ecology Diet book, but is totally GAPS-legal.

Here's what I've been doing:
  • Juice - Juice 1/2-1 head celery, 1/2-1 cucumber, a few leaves of red leaf lettuce, a handful of parsley and a green apple.
  • Smoothie - Pour juice into blender. Add a whole avocado, 3 Tbsp. ground flaxseeds or a scoop of chia goo, 1 tsp. coconut oil or coconut butter and 1 cup blueberries.
This makes 2 generous servings. It is tasty, but - fair warning - not very sweet. There's definitely a salad-y flavor there. :) The only downside is this is an expensive breakfast!  Juicing is really expensive and so are avocados. But Ellie and I have been doing great on it so I'm sticking with it for now!


  1. MMMMmmmm, that sounds so good...I am such a salad fanatic and miss them right now (not to that phase of GAPS yet). Great job with the recipe, mama. We've been doing juice first thing in the morning (carrot/pineapple), but I, too, am having issues with the sugars (just wrote some "true confessions" in my newest GAPS post, LOL). Avocados are such a super food for kids...brain food, right? Yay, good fats!! I know what you mean about expense, though...I so miss living in SoCal where avocados grew on neighbor's trees. My kiddos each used to eat one or two a day; since moving way, way north, we try to share one avocado a day. Yikes! Our biggest food right now is eggs...I've been going thru a dozen or two a day and for our family. Thankfully, we'll have some laying hens soon that should keep us in eggs up to our eyeballs! :) Thanks for the great breakfast idea! Cheers, gabi

  2. Funny, it seems like so long ago that we weren't able to eat salad, but it was probably less than a month ago. :) If you're having trouble with the sugar of carrot/pineapple juice, this would be a good thing to try. I was researching low sugar fruit recently and the info I found said pineapple is the worst fruit you could eat from a sugar standpoint.

    I also plan to try adding raw egg yolk to this smoothie concoction. Haven't gotten around to that yet :)