Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 1

It is the end of day one and I am wiped out. Changing your own diet while mothering a child coping with the same changes is exhausting. Overall Ellie did really well today. She ate four bowls of soup (yay!) and took a good nap.

Today was one of those days where I felt like the only time I was sitting down Ellie was nursing. She has these "high need" days where she doesn't feel well and nurses for comfort. I also somehow got a lot done - I made the vegetable medley ferment with beet, cabbage, garlic and dill from the GAPS book and I got another batch of beef broth started. I even dashed out to buy an immersion blender (so excited about that) and to get some more bones/meat/veggies at the store. I feel absolutely ridiculous at the meat counter these days ordering so much stuff and saying things like, "um, can you saw those bones in half so I can get the marrow out? Yeah, thanks." 

Ellie was extremely fussy this morning, which I think had more to do with the aftermath of our last-minute banana binge yesterday. She also had a terrible diaper rash. Then she was a wreck late this afternoon. I think that was caused by hunger because I didn't have an afternoon snack prepared for her and then dinner was running late. As soon as she ate some beef butternut squash soup she said, "tummy feel better." Phew! But then her tummy hurt again at bedtime so who knows what's going on. Navigating her tummy problems has been so challenging and I'm anxious for her communication to keep improving so I can get a clearer picture of what's going on. Or maybe GAPS will actually fix her tummy problems so we can stop trying to figure it out. Now, wouldn't that be nice?

I was surprised by my lack of cravings today. I was very satisfied by my chicken veggies soups for breakfast and lunch and the beef soup for dinner was really good. I had grown accustomed to having a sweet snack after putting Ellie down for her nap - something like an apple or banana with almond butter or some almond cookies. So when I came downstairs from putting her down I felt that pang for something sweet, but was able to just observe it and move on. Hopefully the cravings stay that manageable!


  1. Hi Annie,
    I found your blog from your comment on Baden's GAPS Guide site. I just wanted to say that I really admire your dedication and determination to change your diet to help your daughter. I know it is not easy, but I believe it will be worth it in the end!
    I am just starting GAPS too, but in a totally different situation - I am trying to do GAPS in the middle of a family (Mom, Dad, Grandpa, 5 siblings) who are NOT on GAPS. Difficult is an understatement, but I pray it will be totally worth it as I try to recover/heal from 15+ years with Lupus, drugs, and a few hospital stays.
    I am cheering for you and Ellie as you begin your GAPS journey!

  2. I'm a Baden's blog jumpover too. I'm SO GLAD you started blogging! Though I'm not nursing my daughter anymore - major mom guilt since I think she weaned from me 'cheating' too often on my elimination diet after being on it for so long -, our stories are quite similar. I'm so relieved to have someone else always on the rack about tummy troubles too. My brain hurts from always trying to overanalyze when Katie's belly hurts and dealing with weight concerns on intro. And for some reason, you taking about all of the time to prep before you started, made it hit home that I need to do the same though I've heard it plenty of times before. :) I guess time and place really Do make all the difference. Can't wait to hear how things go!


  3. Ditto the 2 previous posters. I'm on full GAPS now and nursing my 15 month old (also on full GAPS plus few illegal bits). DH and older son are not doing GAPS so it's a challenge.
    I'm stockpiling info and getting food ready for my intro in June. Can you maybe list the ingredients in the chicken veg soup and beef butternut soup? No amounts are necessary - just idea on veggies. I'm afraid of getting in a rut... or just not wanting what I've prepared. Thanks and good luck on your journey!

  4. From Baden's blog. I am following via my husband's login info. I have a friend with a nursing baby thinking about starting Gaps, so i was thrilled to find this. I'm sure she'll be viewing soon. I am very interested too. Yay!

  5. I'm also from Baden's blog. We are currently transitioning into GAPS from very loosely following the SPD diet. I have 3 children ages 3, 7 and 10. All my children have health issues and have since they were babies. How I wish I had known about GAPS sooner! I'm not sure if I would have been ready to hear it, as my journey toward learning and trusting in GAPS has been a long one, but I think your baby is a lucky little girl!

  6. Hi everyone! Wow! I'm so excited to have comments on my blog - and from people who are going through the same experience I am!!! Isn't the internet amazing? ;)

    @Magda - for the chicken soup I just boiled chicken broth with carrots, onion and garlic and added shredded chicken from making broth. I also recently learned a trick where you separate all the chicken skin, meat and connective tissue left on the bones after making broth and puree them in the food processor to make a "chicken pate." I've been adding a spoonful of that to our chicken soups. For the beef soup I had already pureed butternut squash so I just added that to boiling beef broth with onions and garlic and ground beef. I hate beef broth but this was quite good!

    @Jennifer - I'm so glad you're so glad I started blogging! Do not let yourself feel guilty about not nursing anymore. I have almost quit seriously a hundred times. That topic has caused many a tearful night in my house. Really the only reason I still am is I am apparently incredibly stubborn.